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Perfect Angle: Zen Edition Review – Cumbersome and Annoying Puzzle Game Despite Unique Concept

Whenever a VR game has the word “zen” in the title, the last thing we expect is a frustrating experience. In the case of Perfect Angle: Zen Edition, that is anything but the case, unfortunately. For a puzzle game, it is extremely disappointing. Interest parties can pick the game up fro HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for the price of $9.99.

Perfect Angle:Zen Edition is Bland and Boring

There is a fine line to walk between a relaxing experience and something that is extremely boring and not fun at all. In the case of Perfect Angle, it is the latter part that wins out, unfortunately. While this is a casual indie puzzler which has a lot of promise on paper, the game falls short in many different ways. We were looking forward to solving puzzles based on optical illusions, but the puzzles themselves are boring and badly designed in general.

To put this into perspective, the majority of the puzzles in Perfect Angle look like nothing they should resemble. If that is the case, they become more difficult to solve and simply fail to make sense. While optical illusions can be tricky, we were rather underwhelmed by how these puzzles are developed. Moreover, when the game doesn’t register your solution as successful, things only get more frustrating. Sometimes, you solve a puzzle without even knowing what you are looking at.

While the graphics in this game are decent enough for this type of game, they are not exactly the best either. Every puzzle is presented in the middle of a Koi pond, which is a choice we do appreciate. However, after four or five puzzles, you have seen all there is to see. Combine this with a very annoying user interface which seems to mix up some functions, and the Perfect Angle experience quickly becomes anything but “zen”.

Although the game does have some merit, it is very difficult to recommend it to other VR users. The concept of using optical illusions works out great on paper, yet it certainly needs a lot more work by the developers of this game. We can only hope for a better version two of this game in the future. For now, it is not the most entertaining game, nor is it worth the full price either. Well worth picking up if it ever goes on sale for under $5, though.

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By Mark Arguinbaev

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