Statik Review – A Brilliantly Frustrating Puzzler

There is a wide selection of video games for the virtual reality ecosystem right now. Although not every game is catering toward every VR user, there are some traits most people look out for....
vr rider

VR Rider Review – Upgrade Your Indoor Cycling Experience

If you have ever been to gym with brand new equipment you may have noticed that some exercise bikes have large LCD screens. It is common for the screen to display a simulation which translates...

100ft Robot Golf Review – Hours of Unbridled Fun

Games are not hard to come by in the world of virtual reality, although some concepts may have wackier ideas than others. 100ft Robot Golf, one of the many games released on Playstation VR,...

Here They Lie Review – Bone-chilling Suspense Done Right

It is evident for everyone to see how the list of VR games for the Playstation console is expanding at an accelerated pace. One of the games we came across while browsing the PSN...

Happy Penguin VR Review

I found myself bored on a rainy Saturday and as I was browsing through the Steam VR store one particular game caught my eye - Happy Penguin VR. The game is similar to Angry...

Land’s End VR Review – A Must-buy For Puzzle Game Enthusiasts

There is no shortage of virtual reality games right now, although not all of them provide a fun experience. Land's End, a basic puzzle game, is doing quite a good job at providing hours...

SUPERHOT VR Review – A First-person Shooter Everyone Should Play

One of the most popular games among VR headset owners goes by the name of SUPERHOT VR. This first-person shooter game looks and feels like an indie game, but it is no slouch by...

Sparc VR Preview – Get Ready To Sweat and Strategize!

One of the games that caught our attention is Sparc, a game that will be made available for the Playstation VR, Oculus Rift Touch and HTC Vive. It is quite an immersive and exhausting...

Fantastic Contraption Review – a Grown man’s Virtual Playground

There are many different types of games available to virtual reality users. Some of these games are great fun, whereas others can make your toes curl after just five minutes. Fantastic Contraption is a...

Bloody Zombies Review – A Glorious VR Hack-and-Slash Game

A VR game by the name of Bloody Zombies leaves very little to the imagination. This game is available for PlayStation VR at the price of $14.99. It is good to see some more...


TheVRSoldier US Military VR Training

US Military Officials Continue to Train Troops in Virtual Reality

It has become apparent virtual reality is an excellent educational and training medium. Ranging from regular stores to major brands, the opportunities are endless....

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