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Innocent VR Review – Game-breaking Bugs Ruin the Puzzling Fun

In the world of VR gaming, there is a growing collection of titles to choose from. Although the overall quality is improving, some games simply remain sub-par. Luckily, Innocent VR is one of the...

WipeOut Omega Collection VR Review – The new Standard for VR Racing?

As a PlayStation owner, we have played virtually every WipeOut game that ever came out. When we learned WipeOut Omega Collection received VR support, the initial excitement was quite big. Surprisingly, that excitement has...

Devil and the Fairy Review – Massive Potential for an Early Access Game

It has been a while since we got a semi-decent fantasy game on our hands. Even though Devil and the Fairy is still in Early Access - and it shows - the game has...

ARK Park Review – A Horrendous Game in the ARK Franchise

Although we do like VR games based on TV shows and existing franchises, there is always a degree of skepticism involved as well. When we first learned about ARK Park, the expectations were rather...

Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood Review – Skippable in Every Way

In the world of VR gaming, one has to often the good with the bad. For owners of the PlayStation VR and HTC VIve, Lunar Stone: Origin of Blood is a game which has...

The American Dream Review – A Different but Refreshing Kind of Shooter

When a game by the name of The American Dream comes around, it is a bit unclear what people can expect. There is no standard definition of the American dream, hence it is quite...

Panzer Panic Review – Fun for a While but Lacks Online Multiplayer

When new VR games come to market, is it evident there are some high expectations associated with these creations. Panzer Panic, for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, is a shooter game with a...

VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club Review – The Best VR Sports Experience to Date

Bringing soccer - or football, if you live in the US - to virtual reality is something a lot of people are looking forward to. Being able to play a  soccer game in VR...

Bravo Team Review – Unfulfilling Co-op Shooter

Even though there is an abundance of shooting games in virtual reality, Bravo Team tries to take things to a different level. As the name suggests, this is a co-op shooter focuses on the...

Rise of Insanity Review – Decent Horror Game for VR Enthusiasts

Rise of Insanity is one of those VR horror games which people will either love or absolutely hate. The linear aspect f this game is not really bothersome, and the story-driven aspect certainly puts...